Some Excellent News For The Schoolboy “Stars”

Photo by Jorina Raath/

During the Afgri Bulls Prestige Rugby Day, I had the opportunity to discuss the current contracting systems in place with representatives of two Unions and made some calls early this morning.

The "suggested" cancellation of the 2021 u/20 Currie Cup competition has resulted that the focus for scouting moved away from u/20 and u/21 players and again are rather focused on the school leavers. Some unions said they will contract as much as 30 school-leaving boys for 2021 while some are happy with their crop of u/20 players but admitted that as many as 20 school leavers are their target.

With the cancellation of all the festivals, it will be interesting where and when the scouting will take place? Suddenly the importance of the u/18 Craven Week is on the up again with one Union "scout" mentioning u/19 schoolboys is suddenly becoming prime targets.

Could we again see as much as 200 school leavers contracted for 2021?