RFU Rugby Players Agree To R 128 000 Match Fee Cut


The Telegraph reported that the English Test rugby players have agreed to cut their match fees with 25% to help absorb the financial loss due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The previous match fee agreed to in 2016 was £23 000 which were reduced to £ 17 250. In Rand terms the cut is equivalent to R 128 000 per match. This agreement will come into effect 01 October 2020 and will be for a term of one year.

This cuts of match fees bring the players in line with the coaching staff's cuts they agreed to earlier this year.

The Rugby Football Union has announced a short term loss of £107 million after no test matches were played due to COVID19 restrictions. A total of 139 posts was also cut in an effort to get the Union back in the black.

The Scottish players’ union also announced they accepted the need for temporary pay cuts for its higher-earning members in April after the SRU proposed reductions ranging from 10 to 25 per cent over a five-month period for all players earning more than £50,000. The SRU employs about 150 male and female players for Glasgow Warriors, Edinburgh, Scotland Sevens, the Scottish Rugby Academy and Scotland Women.