Nominated As MVP – Regardt Du Plessis




In rugby as with any team sport there is always individuals that does not get nor ask for the recognition what they deserve. In rugby it is very often the person in the no 6 jersey. It is said that if you notice a no 6 on the rugby field he is not doing his job.

This is the role that Regardt du Plessis fullfilled for the past two years in Affies 1stXV. At the start of the 2015 rugby season Regardt was not part of the Affies 1stXV squad for the Kearsney festival. After a serious injury to a player Regardt was brought to Durban as a replacement. In his first match for the Affies Wit Bulle Regardt scored two tries and as they say the rest is history.

Regardt's presence was felt on and off the field from day one. Regardt earned the respect from his team mates and opponents through hard work and commitment. Not only is he a commited and motivated team player, but his skills in defence, creating turnover ball and premonition played a major part in the Affies 1stXV successes.

Regard is one of those players that a coach can depend on, in good times and especially in bad times. On the field Regardt was a leader who led through his level of play and passion. Off the field Regardt led through his loyalty, humility, discipline, and passion.