24th Mar 2019

Leopards Craven Week 2016

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16 July 2016 12:15 - Thepa Trading Griffons U18 vs Leopards U18
Leopards survived a late comeback by Thepa Trading Griffons for a 36-24 victory
TEAMSThepa Trading Griffons U18 vs Leopards U18
VENUEOsler Field, Kearsney College, Durban
DATE16 July 2016 12:15
TRIES4 - 5
RefereePieter Maritz
Thepa Trading Griffons U18
ConversionAndrew Kota2
TryDealin Jafta1
TryHendrik van Staden1
TryJason Wagman1
TryMarco Labuschagne1
Leopards U18
ConversionGerhard Fourie4
PenaltyGerhard Fourie1
TryAndre Fouche1
TryDane Booysen1
TryMarthinus De Villiers1
TryRiaan Van der Spuy1
TryTiaan du Toit1
Thepa Trading Griffons U18
1J W Meads
2Reinard van der Vyver
3Francois Klopper
4DJ Hattingh
5Pieter van der Westhuizen
6Kyle Els
7Jan Scheepers
8Gift Dlamini
9Richman Gora (Captain)
10Dealin Jafta
11Hendrik van Staden
12Jason Wagman
13Lubabalo Mteyise
14Andrew Kota
15Marco Labuschagne
Leopards U18
1Simbonile Mnyazana
2Rudolf Hatting
3Marthinus De Villiers
4Nathan Jordan
5Christopher Kemm
6Zimosa Nokama
7Andre Fouche
8Tiaan du Toit (Captain)
9Ethan Ballot
10Andre Kock
11Dane Booysen
12Yamkela Nyembe
13Rassie Breedt
14GJ Jansen van Rensburg
15Gerhard Fourie
Thepa Trading Griffons U18
16Duke Jantjies
17Ruben Breedt
18Winrich Kennedy
19Dian De Beer
20Michael Janse van Rensburg
21Jason Roux
22Truimp Boloyi
23David Eyssen
Leopards U18
16Stefanus Mare
17Pieter Carroll
18Craivian Smith
19Sosikela Khuselo
20Sonwabile Mangaliso
21Riaan Van der Spuy
22Joaquim de Jenga
23Lionel George
10TryRiaan Van der SpuyLeopards U18
11ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
14TryMarco LabuschagneThepa Trading Griffons U18
15Missed ConversionMarco LabuschagneThepa Trading Griffons U18
23TryMarthinus De VilliersLeopards U18
24ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
26PenaltyGerhard FourieLeopards U18
34TryDane BooysenLeopards U18
35ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
37TryDealin JaftaThepa Trading Griffons U18
38ConversionAndrew KotaThepa Trading Griffons U18
46TryAndre FoucheLeopards U18
59TryHendrik van StadenThepa Trading Griffons U18
60ConversionAndrew KotaThepa Trading Griffons U18
61TryJason WagmanThepa Trading Griffons U18
69TryTiaan du ToitLeopards U18
70ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
70Full Time

14 July 2016 13:50 - Bizhub Free State U18 vs Leopards U18

The Free State, meanwhile, delivered a solid display against the Leopards using their pace and skill on attack to break through the defence, while they converted their try-scoring chances into points with ease. They supported this with a tenacious defensive effort, which denied the Potchefstroom team from crossing the chalk until the 49th minute. With the momentum and confidence on the Free State’s side, they built up a 44-0 lead at the break. They continued to make their presence felt in the second half, which paid off, as they cruised to the tryline a remarkable 13 times in the match. The Leopards earned one more try for their determined efforts to take their score into double figures, but had to settle for a disappointing 86-14 defeat.



TEAMSBizhub Free State U18 vs Leopards U18
VENUEStott Field, Kearsney College, Durban
DATE14 July 2016 13:50
TRIES13 - 2
RefereeMpho Matsaung
Assistant Referee/Reserve RefereeRicus van der Hoven
Assistant RefereeBlake Beattie
TMOLourens van der Merwe
Bizhub Free State U18
ConversionMario Vieira9
PenaltyMario Vieira1
TryAya Ntaba1
TryDavid Kriel3
TryDian Schoonees1
TryGideon Beukes1
TryJanco Van Heyningen1
TryJuan Venter1
TryMfez Moyo1
TryRewan Kruger2
TryRikus Pretorius2
Leopards U18
ConversionGerhard Fourie2
TryAndre Kock1
TryRiaan Van der Spuy1
Bizhub Free State U18
1Eddie Davids
2Matthew Wessels
3Gideon Beukes (Captain)
4Jaco Van Tonder
5Brently Marais
6Teboho Rampai
7Thian Du Randt
8Dian Schoonees
9Rewan Kruger
10Mario Vieira
11Kyle Kermis
12Rikus Pretorius
13Janco Van Heyningen
14Mfez Moyo
15David Kriel
Leopards U18
1Simbonile Mnyazana
2Stefanus Mare
3Marthinus De Villiers
4Nathan Jordan
5Christopher Kemm
6Sonwabile Mangaliso
7Andre Fouche
8Tiaan du Toit (Captain)
9Riaan Van der Spuy
10Andre Kock
11Dane Booysen
12Yamkela Nyembe
13Rassie Breedt
14Joaquim de Jenga
15Gerhard Fourie
Bizhub Free State U18
16Tristan Spies
17Naude Naude
18Kagiso Marumo
19Aya Ntaba
20Juan Venter
21Keaton Swart
22Rallston Dreyer
23Gomolemo Matlho
Leopards U18
16Rudolf Hatting
17Pieter Carroll
18Craivian Smith
19Zimosa Nokama
20Sosikela Khuselo
21Ethan Ballot
22GJ Jansen van Rensburg
23Lionel George
Bizhub Free State U18
9Aya NtabaforBrently Marais
10Juan VenterforThian Du Randt
11Brently MaraisforAya Ntaba
60Kagiso MarumoforDian Schoonees
60Tristan SpiesforJaco Van Tonder
60Naude NaudeforMatthew Wessels
62Aya NtabaforJuan Venter
Leopards U18
34Sosikela KhuseloforNathan Jordan
43GJ Jansen van RensburgforJoaquim de Jenga
60Zimosa NokamaforTiaan du Toit
64Lionel GeorgeforGJ Jansen van Rensburg
0First Half StartAndre KockLeopards U18
6PenaltyMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
9Substitution (Blood)Aya Ntaba for Brently MaraisBizhub Free State U18
10Substitution (Injury)Juan Venter for Thian Du RandtBizhub Free State U18
11TryJuan VenterBizhub Free State U18
11Substitution (Blood bin returning)Brently Marais for Aya NtabaBizhub Free State U18
12Missed ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
15TryRikus PretoriusBizhub Free State U18
16Missed ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
21TryJanco Van HeyningenBizhub Free State U18
22ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
24Missed PenaltyGerhard FourieLeopards U18
25TryDian SchooneesBizhub Free State U18
26Missed ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
30TryRewan KrugerBizhub Free State U18
31ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
32TryDavid KrielBizhub Free State U18
33Missed ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
34Substitution (Injury)Sosikela Khuselo for Nathan JordanLeopards U18
35TryDavid KrielBizhub Free State U18
35ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
35First Half End  
35Second Half StartMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
37TryGideon BeukesBizhub Free State U18
38ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
42TryRikus PretoriusBizhub Free State U18
43ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
43Substitution (Injury)GJ Jansen van Rensburg for Joaquim de JengaLeopards U18
43TryMfez MoyoBizhub Free State U18
44ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
49TryAndre KockLeopards U18
50ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
51TryRewan KrugerBizhub Free State U18
52ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
60Substitution (Tactical)Zimosa Nokama for Tiaan du ToitLeopards U18
60Substitution (Tactical)Naude Naude for Matthew WesselsBizhub Free State U18
60Substitution (Tactical)Kagiso Marumo for Dian SchooneesBizhub Free State U18
60Substitution (Tactical)Tristan Spies for Jaco Van TonderBizhub Free State U18
62Substitution (Tactical)Aya Ntaba for Juan VenterBizhub Free State U18
64Substitution (Injury)Lionel George for GJ Jansen van RensburgLeopards U18
65TryRiaan Van der SpuyLeopards U18
66ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
70TryAya NtabaBizhub Free State U18
70ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18
72TryDavid KrielBizhub Free State U18
72ConversionMario VieiraBizhub Free State U18


12 July 2016 11:00 - Eastern Province CD U18 vs Leopards U18

A forward pass on the stroke of fulltime with a two-man overlap denied Eastern Province CD a victory against the Leopards, and forced them to settle for a 26-24 defeat.

TEAMSEastern Province CD U18 vs Leopards U18
VENUEStott Field, Kearsney College, Durban
DATE12 July 2016 11:00
TRIES4 - 3
RefereeJaco Pretorius
Assistant Referee/Reserve RefereeOregopotse Rametsi
Assistant RefereeRicus van der Hoven
TMOJohannes (Joey) Klaaste-Salmans
Eastern Province CD U18
ConversionIzak Conradie1
ConversionVaughen Isaacs1
TryAthenkosi Halom1
TryKeanen Murray1
TryMatt More1
TrySazi Sandi1
Leopards U18
ConversionGerhard Fourie1
PenaltyGerhard Fourie3
TryGerhard Fourie1
TryNathan Jordan1
TryZimosa Nokama1
Eastern Province CD U18
1Francu Dreyer
2Johan Maartens
3Sazi Sandi
4Keanen Murray
5Stephanus Mentz
6Lourens Oosthuizen
7Dihan Odendaal
8Ollie Losaba
9Izak Conradie
10Vaughen Isaacs (Captain)
11Tim Bloem
12Sibabalwe Mzanywa
13Matt More
14Athenkosi Halom
15Chulu Chutu
Leopards U18
1Pieter Carroll
2Rudolf Hatting
3Craivian Smith
4Nathan Jordan
5Sosikela Khuselo
6Zimosa Nokama
7Christopher Kemm
8Tiaan du Toit (Captain)
9Riaan Van der Spuy
10Andre Kock
11Lionel George
12Yamkela Nyembe
13Rassie Breedt
14GJ Jansen van Rensburg
15Gerhard Fourie
Eastern Province CD U18
16Bongi Ziya
17Thembinkosi Mangwana
18Ewan Pieters
19Hentus Botha
20Jurgens Human
21Jonathan Crankshaw
22Reynier Meyer
23Lutho Nomoyi
Leopards U18
16Stefanus Mare
17Simbonile Mnyazana
18Marthinus De Villiers
19Andre Fouche
20Sonwabile Mangaliso
21Ethan Ballot
22Joaquim de Jenga
23Dane Booysen
Eastern Province CD U18
45Bongi ZiyaforLourens Oosthuizen
49Lourens OosthuizenforBongi Ziya
Leopards U18
22Andre FoucheforChristopher Kemm
34Christopher KemmforAndre Fouche
35Andre FoucheforChristopher Kemm
0First Half StartGerhard FourieLeopards U18
6Missed PenaltyVaughen IsaacsEastern Province CD U18
9TryGerhard FourieLeopards U18
10Missed ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
17TrySazi SandiEastern Province CD U18
18ConversionVaughen IsaacsEastern Province CD U18
22Substitution (Concussion)Christopher KemmLeopards U18
23TryNathan JordanLeopards U18
24ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
29PenaltyGerhard FourieLeopards U18
30TryKeanen MurrayEastern Province CD U18
31Missed ConversionVaughen IsaacsEastern Province CD U18
33PenaltyGerhard FourieLeopards U18
34Substitution (Concussion returning)Andre FoucheLeopards U18
35First Half End  
35Second Half StartVaughen IsaacsEastern Province CD U18
35Substitution (Injury)Andre Fouche for Christopher KemmLeopards U18
38Missed PenaltyVaughen IsaacsEastern Province CD U18
39Yellow CardJohan MaartensEastern Province CD U18
45Substitution (Yellow card)Bongi Ziya for Lourens OosthuizenEastern Province CD U18
49Yellow card returningJohan MaartensEastern Province CD U18
49Substitution (YC replacement returning)Lourens Oosthuizen for Bongi ZiyaEastern Province CD U18
51TryMatt MoreEastern Province CD U18
52Missed ConversionVaughen IsaacsEastern Province CD U18
54TryZimosa NokamaLeopards U18
55Missed ConversionGerhard FourieLeopards U18
58PenaltyGerhard FourieLeopards U18
61Yellow CardRudolf HattingLeopards U18
65TryAthenkosi HalomEastern Province CD U18
66ConversionIzak ConradieEastern Province CD U18
70Full Time



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