Please Use Us Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I'm a firm believer in this. If a team is beaten in the scrum they will lose the game. As the saying goes

“forwards win matches, backs decide by how much”

Outdated view you may claim. No place for it in modern rugby. Rugby is evolving. And you are so wrong.

Take the semi finals of the Tuks trophy the past weekend. Garsfontein backline struggling but they win the game due to the performance of their forwards. Monnas best performance this year after a dominant performance of their forwards.

We saw a Boland Landbou snatching a victory in Noord/Suid tournament against MenloPark. MenloPark controlled the game in the first halve but Landbou came out in the second halve absolutely controlling the game with their forwards and scored at will. The same Boland forgot to use their forwards against Paarl Gym and lost. Uncle Stoop had this to say "Their, Paarl Gym,  forwards enjoyed overall supremacy, thanks largely, and I use that word advisedly, to enforcer Adriaan Ludick and the other big men, of whom Muller Uys – who registered a unique double, receiving the Man of the Match award just as he did in the corresponding fixture last year – is in imperious form, but some of the others were ominously anonymous for prolonged periods of the game. For Boland, who take on SACS on the Farm next Saturday, the all-round effectiveness of the pack needs urgent attention. " The same Gym lost against Garsfontein at the Noord/Suid tournament when Garsies forwards, to the surprise of all, came out tops against Gym.

Monnas loss against Helpmekaar at st Johns again due to a game plan that excluded their massive forwards. Also at st Johns Affies forwards was eliminated by Paul Roos and it nearly cost them the game.

Former Wallaby great, Mark Ella, wrote in a article for "The Australian": “As a former playmaker I can tell you how much easier it is playing the game on the front foot rather than constantly moving backwards in attack. You cannot play rugby going backwards. There is an old saying in rugby: If the front-row folds, the whole team folds.”

So to all the coaches of schoolboy rugby - Us South Africans like "attractive running" rugby but we LOVE winning rugby. If your team's strength is in the forwards USE them. PLEASE. Loftus is empty not because of the type of game they play BUT because they are losing.

A Springbok legend must have the last word on this topic :

"Onthou dis die oukies met kant onderbroeke wat rondhardloop en tyd het om vir kameras te smile. Die manne met die gate in hul onderbroeke, dis die manne wat die game wen"