Helpmekaar Should Be Confident But ……………

Photo by Jorina Raath/

Helpmekaar travel to Welkom Gim with the knowledge that after last weekend's match against Affies the certainly have what it takes to become at least a top 10 team this year.

Welkom Gim started the year with a bang with wins against Vryheid (73-3) and Menlopark (43-7) before their wheels came off against Grey College (69-33) last weekend. Helpmekaar had a win against Voortrekker Bethlehem (20-12) and the loss against Affies (17-27) so far.

Welkom Gim starting lineup shows no change from their Grey fixture while Helpmekaar made two changes to their pack of forwards. Brandon Bouwer makes a welcome return on loose-head while Michael Jonker unfortunately is replaced by Ruan Gerber at six due to an injury sustained against Affies.

Welkom Gim has a good pack of forwards with their loosies Piti, Pienaar and especially Morabe the stars upfront while Testimony Dodo at the back the danger man. 

Helpmekaar, on the other hand, must have one of the best-balanced teams in the country. Their loosies played a big role in keeping Affies in control with inside centre Jaques Raath doing more than what is expected from him in winning vital turnovers. Melbirt vd Spuy at the outside centre has the ability to score at the slightest of chances with wings Weideman and Cupido no slouches.

The battle on the ground and especially turnover ball might just prove to be the determining factor in this game while the defence of Helpmekaar at 10,12 and 13 to keep Morabe and Dodo in control also vital.

Welkom Gim at home will not be easy but Helpmekaar's defence and grit maybe just giving Helpmekaar the edge.

Helpmekaar: 15. Joshua Jooste, 14. Ruben Weideman, 13. Melbirt vd Spuy, 12. Jaques Raath, 11. Diego Cupido, 10. Sebastine Watney, 9. Keune Kirkham, 8. Nathan Lianis, 7. Tyler Skudder, 6. Ruan Gerber, 5. Zack van Zyl, 4. Ruan Slabbert, 3. Stefan Liebenberg, 2. Thonga Mbatha, 1. Luke Underhay.

Welkom Gim: 15. Donovan Don, 14. Morne Maastriet, 13. Keno Alexander, 12. Testimony Dodo, 11. Angelo Oliver, 10. Bennie Human, 9. Marco Weideman, 8. Keke Morabe, 7. Calla Pienaar, 6. Mingo Piti, 5. Wian Muller, 4. Jarred kruger, 3. Franco-Lee Ceaser, 2. Dylan Pretorius, 1. Vuyo Holiday.