Glenwood Go And Make Us Proud


Glenwood who is experiencing a superb season winning all of their six games so far, held their official launch of the Sanix Championship last night. The only message we have for them from  RuggasCoZa is "gaan skop gat en bring die beker huis toe." I admit a milder version than the one you would receive from our minister of sport, but ............


Wednesday, 20 April 2016, Glenwood hosted the official launch of the Sanix Youth Championship, as well as the handover of the 1st XV official rugby jerseys.

Glenwood High School is again travelling to Japan to compete in the SANIX World Youth Rugby Championships which will be held in Japan form the 26th April – 6 May 2016.

The evening started out with speeches from the MC for the evening Mr Ian Schoeman welcoming the guests, parents and players. The Acting Headmaster, Mr Tony Pinheiro gave a brief background on Sanix and what the tournament is all about.

The 1st XV Coach, Mr Rudi Dames thanked all the generous sponsors for enabling the boys to go to Japan for the tournament. He also thanked the special guests for the evening Mr Fynn from the Sharks who wished the squad all of the best for tournament ahead. Mr Fynn stated that the boys should embrace this great opportunity they have received and make the most of it. The 1st XV Captain, Austin Brummer thanked the sponsors and everyone else involved for giving the players the opportunity to go to Japan and for supporting and organising the event.

As the speeches ended the players then received their kit and their tour numbers, after the main part of the evening was over all the guests, parents and players all got to mingle and get to know each other and get there last photos and autographs with the players before the boys head off to Japan later this week.

Thirty Glenwood school-boy rugby players and six staff will travel to the Global Arena in Fukuoka in Japan. Training has been ongoing and the team is fighting fit. The Green Machine has seen some phenomenal results at the SANIX World Youth Rugby Championships and won the tournament in 2008. This year the school supports the team in their efforts to again raise the trophy for both Glenwood and South Africa.

Overall Schedule:

April 28 – Pool Stage (Day 1)
Opening Ceremony
All matches at Stadium B
April 29 - Pool Stage (Day 2)
All matches at Stadium B
April 30 - Day off
May 1 - Pool Stage (Day 3)
All matches at Stadium A
May 2 - Place Decider Tournament (Day 1)
Stadium Field A
May 3 - Day off
May 4 - Place Decider Tournament (Day 2)
Stadium Field A
May 5 - Place Decider Tournament (Day 3)
Stadium Field A & B
Award Ceremony/ Closing Ceremony

Report and photographs by Travis Nightingale (Glenwood Media Club)