Drie Hoera’s Wildeklawer 2016



Without any major announcements the organisers have replace the Invitational XV with the team of Welkom Gymnasium. My predictions were as follow: 

09h10 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Wildeklawer SARU XV vs Oakdale 

Oakdale who is undefeated after 9 matches this season should not experience any difficulties in winning this one. Invitational sides is seldom a success stories and to match them against a side like Oakdale is begging for a disaster, which is unfortunately not beneficial to either team.

Now we are in for a very exciting match. Although Welkom Gim does not sport an undefeated record this year their losses was against top teams. Oakdale you are in for a major battle. The winner and I acknowledge that I am bias but it must be Welkom Gym by 5.