Day One Wildeklawer 30 April 2016

Day One Wildeklawer 30 April 2016

Team of the Day - Affies

08h00 Saturday 30 April 2016 - EG Jansen 19 - 17 Louis Botha

Eish how wrong can one man be. EG Jansen was in control in the first halve with Louis Botha penalised more than five times within the first ten minutes. EG Jansen scored three times as was leading 19 - 0 at half time seemingly cruising to the expected easy victory. I do not know what was promised to the Louis Botha players at half time or what threats made. But suddenly after 10 minutes in the second half they started to tear EG Jansen apart. First a converted try after a forward move from a line out and then within 40 seconds  a try from their wing making it 19 - 12 to EG. Six minutes later the centre of Louis Botha scores an opportunistic try after a mistake by EG Jansen, and everybody is suddenly paying attention. EG leading by just 19 - 17 with 6 minutes to go. Almost the biggest surprise of the tournament in the first game. 

09h10 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Welkom Gym 15 - 20 Oakdale 

Oakdale set of like a house on fire and was leading 5 - 0 within the first two minutes. A second try that was converted within another 5 minutes saw Oakdale leading 12 - 0. Leading 15 - 0 I decided to stop making predictions forever. After a superb individualistic try by Welkoms Gora Oakdale answered immediately by a Oakdale saw teams changing sides with Oakdale leading 20 - 5. A try by Welkom Gym just after the restart saw them closing the gap to 20 - 10. With Welkom Gym controlling possession and territory it was only time before they scored again. And so they did with the conversion missed again. Oakdale managed to win 20 - 17 and I am sure they were more relieved than happy with this victory. 

10h20 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Stellenberg 27 - 19 Noord Kaap

And again I was wrong, Stellenberg had to sweat a lot to win this one. Stellenberg also opened the scoring within the first two minutes. Leading by 7 - 0 Stellenberg was put under tremendous pressure by the much bigger Noord Kaap forwards. Noord Kaap was controlling the game when Stellenberg's winger received a great pass and sprinted a god 45m to put Stellenberg 12 - 0 in the lead. Then in the last 10 minutes or so Stellenberg started to control the game but Noord Kaap's winger intercepted and scored a try, completely against play. Stellenberg forwards is surprisingly taking control of the game and after forwards forcing their way to the try line of Noord Kaap winger of Stellenberg score converted try. Half time score 19 - 7. Noord Kaap is the first team to score in the second half again against play after a horrible mistake from Stellenberg in Noord Kaap's 22m. Score 19 - 12. Noord Kaap pushing from kick off and after superb forward maul score a converted try within 3 minutes. All square with 20 minutes to play. The first time in the match Stellenberg decide to go for points after a penalty against Noord Kaap now leading 22 - 19. With the game now moving up and down the field with both sides giving their everything Stellenberg manages to score the winning try 1 min before full time. Again a 30+ meter try. An enetertaining game, but I must ask why do the schools not first secure the win then play attractive rugby.

11h30 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Monnas 3 - 3 Selborne

A game of chances not used or a game of no chances. I must admit that Monnas is now blowing hot and cold the whole season and nobody will tell me this team was the same that demolished Garsfontein a week ago. Maybe the boys must stop reading comments from old farts like me and concentrate on the job at hand.

As with most of the games Selborne start quick forcing a penalty after impressive work by their forwards slotting a penalty within 5 minutes. Monnas forwards is slowly gaining control and after another driving maul earn a easy penalty BUT they choose to go for the line out. Again a mistake gives Selborne the opportunity to escape and so they did. The only excitement the rest of this halve is provide by the exciting hooker of Selborne with a great run. Mistake after mistake is made by Monnas with Selborne not taking advantage. Maybe the wind was not making it easy for the teams although the other games was played in the same conditions. Monnas eventually equaled the score 10 minutes before final whistle. Before the supporters of these two teams stone me I am sure the boys gave their best but .............

12h40 Saturday 30 April 2016 - HTS Middelburg 12 - 31 Paul Roos

Middelburg HTS scores within scores after mauling from kick off 5 - 0 . A game that took a good 10 minutes to find any rhythm. Paul Roos scores the first try after being denied minutes ago. 7 - 5 to Paul Roos. From the kick off Paul Roos forwards rumbled upfield with little opposition from HTS Middelburg to score their second try within 1 minute. Paul Roos seams to have found their rhythm leading 12 - 5. Surprisingly Paul Roos control forward play against a bigger HTS and score just before half time from a line out. Leading 19 - 5 a big defeat is looming for HTS. Paul Roos is on the attack from the start of the second halve. After pressure for the next 10 minutes or so, saw a clearance from HTS not finding touch with Paul Roos scoring after superb ball skills. 26 - 5. Ten minutes from full time HTS drops the ball crossing the line, Paul Roos pounces and scores an unconverted try after beautiful play from their backs scoring another try. Paul Roos leading 31 - 5 and in control of the game. Individual brilliance from HTS 13 saw him scoring from kick off making it 12 - 31. Paul Roos winning convincingly. 

13h50 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Menlo Park 11 - 45 Paarl Gim

A match where their was very little to smile about if you come from north of the Vaal river. Paarl Gim simply continued where they left off last weekend. Wian van Zyl scores in the 5th minute after impressive individual play 5 - 0. From the kick off Menlo wins a penalty a converted, 5- 3. Gim scores immediately after kick off in the corner and converts, 12 -3. A excellent forward try from Menlo sees them  to 12 - 8 from after a 5m scrum. Gim scores with massive forward drive and are leading 19 - 8 at half time. Game on I thought. But after the rest Gim really took control of this game scoring almost at will. Two tries later after continues pressure saw them leading 31 - 8 after 10 min in the second halve. Menlo desperate for points converts another penalty after a strong drive from their forwards, 31 - 11 to Gim. Gim scores after powerfull running from outside centre, against a now 14 man Menlo. Conversion is good 38 - 11 Gim.  2 Minutes later another try follows with Gim easily winning this game with 45 - 11. menlo never gave up but was simply facing an opponent far superior.

15h00 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Waterkloof 5 - 51 Paarl Boishaai

What initially looked like a good even match where Boishaai only took the lead after a penalties in 15th and 21st minutes. Continued pressure saw Boishaai scoring in the corner 5 min later now leading 13 - 0. Waterkloof scores a break out try just before half time and bring the game to a close 13 - 5 lead for Boishaai. From the kick of Waterkloof fails to find touch and after great teamwork Boishaai's winger scores. 18 - 5. Then the Gianni show started with an individual try within 2 minutes of the restart, 25 - 5. Six minutes it was the forwards time to maul over, 32 - 5. At this stage Gim's forwards are giving their backs forward ball and we will witness some special movements. Another missed line out kick results in another try for Boishaai. 37 - 5, then 44 - 5 and 51 - 5 as the final whistle blows. The taste of red wine will never be the same again. Mampoer is my voorland.

16h10 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Garsfontein 13 - 31 Grey College

At this stage I was so desperate for a win from a team from the civilized part of South Africa, I prayed that Gasies miss their attempt from the halfway line after winning a penalty in the second minute of this game. See Oom Gerhard, a statistician by heart, worked out from all the games he witnessed in his lifetime, he is 87, that the team who kicks the first penalty in a game will loose the game with a 73.1% certainty. I was this desperate. Garsies leads 3 - 0 after a perfect kicked by their 15 Abner van Reenen. Grey is taking Garsies on the same way that Monnas did last weeknend. Up front. After 20 minutes and again a strong maul Grey's no 8 goes over for a converted try. 3 - 7 to Grey. Within 2 minutes Grey comes within 5 meters from Garsies line. Garsies wins a penalty and moves the game into Greys half. Garsies shows great hand but see their effort in the hands of Grey's 11 who almost scored, but the no 6 does and Grey stretch their lead to 14 - 3. After the kick off Garsies attacks again only to give the ball again to Grey through an interception. Grey takes another 3 points after desperate Garsies defense is penalised. 17 - 3 lead for Grey at half time. Garsies now showing cracks after continued Grey pressure and a failed line out kick in their 22 and Grey leads 24 - 3.Garsies now under constand pressure and everybody expects Grey to run away with this fixture THEN Emilio Adamis, Garsies 14, steps and steps again to score a brilliant individual try. Grey 24 - 8. Garsies is now looking to take all structure out of the game and running from anywhere on the field. Papier with a solo 45m dart reducing Grey's lead to 24 -13. The Garsies supporters see the Beeld semi comeback in 2015 looming. Grey now looking to slow the game down and Garsies running everything. Grey closes the door, with a forward try 6 minutes before the final whistle, on any Garsies aspirations. They win at the end of the day by 31 - 13 against a Garsies that never gave up. Oom Gerhard jou blikskottel. Jy was weer reg 73.1003% next time.

17h20 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Affies 34 - 7 Outeniqua

This game started with a flurry of penalties against Affies. With the 3rd one a missed opportunity to the poles. One I prayed to be over, just in case oom Gerhard is on the dot. From the subsequent 22m kick off Affies put major presuure on Outeniqua and after two rolling mauls received a penalty on Outeniqua's 10 m line. Please miss Patches please. But to no avail Affies go up 3 - 0. As if Affies knew about oom Gerhard's statistics and want to prove him wrong, they start mauling and after a scrum 9 meters from Outeniqua tryline receives another penalty. Rolling maul and over Affies leading 8 - 0. Affies is using the rolling maul to great effect and Outeniqua is not having any answers. Outeniqua sores after a period of ill discipline and poor defence. 8 - 7. From the restart Affies is on the attack again. Another driving maul see Affies penalised for obstruction but Outeniqua makes a poor mistake. leaving Affies 5m from the try line. Scrum and mauling with Affies 3 scoring next tothe uprights just before half time. Affies leading 15 - 7. 2 Minutes after restart Affies backs providing their forwards with good ball, penalty, line out, maul and score. 20 - 7. From the kick off Affies apply immediate pressure and Outeniqua fault leads to a penalty on 22m. Tap and go, maul and scores. 27 - 7. Ten minutes followed where Outeniqua did their best to get back in the game but it all ended in a penalty, line out, out to the back and they score in the corner. 34 - 7 to a impressive Affies outfit. What a game awaits us on Monday.

18h30 Saturday 30 April 2016 - Diamantveld 17 - 12 Boland Landbou

A early warning was send to the Plaas. Do not underestimate Diamantveld. Mr Dames is busy moulding Diamantveld into a very competitive side. They are not as bad as the score suggests against Affies. Mind you can not blame them not listening to me, with the history and my predictions. 

Boland started like a house on fire with a big drive with their 11 almost scoring in the early exchanges. This all ends in a missed attempt after a penalty by Boland. A person could however sense a Diamantveld slowly shedding their nerves and their forwards coming in the game. The first try coming after a good 25 minutes of great action. Diamantveld wins a penalty in Boland's  after a kick up field and a Boland players impedes on a Diamantveld player following on. To my amazement they go for a line out 5 meters out. Great ball won and the maul over. Diamantveld takes the lead 5 - 0 with 5min left and Boland on attack. Anybody's game. Diamantveld kicks off deep and the clearance from Boland is caught and their midfielder goes over. Kick is good and Diamantveld leads 12 - 0.  Diamantveld scores after again powerfull play from their forwards an leads 17 - 0 with 10 minutes on the clock. Bolands ace scrumhalf breaks after a lineout and scores with ease, Boland trailing 5 - 17. Diamantveld player is carded with 7 minutes to go and one could see an urgency in Boland's play. Boland is keepng Diamantveld in their 22 for the rest of the game with their 10 scoring a converted try bringing the score to 17 -12. From the kick off Boland is keeping the pressure on Diamantveld and camping in their 22. Diamantveld manages to keep them out to win 17 - 12.