Day 2 Fixtures – K2 Tournament




Day 1 Results

Ben Vorster 25-22 Brackenfell
Bethlehem Voortrekker 43-10 Nico Malan
De Kuilen 20-10 Langenhoven Gimnasium
Drostdy 34-18 Jim Fouché
Duineveld 24-20 Marlow
Helpmekaar 38-6 Die Brandwag
Oudtshoorn 20-7 Bonnievale

The fixtures of day two is only decided on after day 1. The organisers is able to make day 2's matches a lot more competive.

Day 2 Fixtures

A Field
08.00: Ben Vorster vs Bethlehem Voortrekker
09.10: HTS Drostdy vs Helpmekaar
10.20: Worcester Gym vs Brackenfell
11.30: Duineveld vs Die Brandwag
12.40: Oudtshoorn vs Marlow

B Field
08.00: Schoonspruit vs Langenhoven Gym
09.10: De Kuilen vs Bonnievale
10.20: Nico Malan vs Jim Fouché