Could The Kean Saga Cost Rugby Its Place At The Olympics?


Rugby is in danger of losing its place at the Olympic Games amid accusations of unethical governance in the sport's unions. Claims of homophobia and discrimination against Francis Kean, chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union was made earlier this month. Kean was Fiji’s representative nominated to run for a place on World Rugby’s executive committee but has since withdrawn his bid for a spot on the executive committee and resigned from his role at the Fiji Rugby Union.

The Daily Mail revealed that a letter to the International Olympic Committee has been drafted by former Samoa captain and Pacific Welfare CEO Dan Leo, calling for an investigation into Kean; background

"We are taking advice from our lawyers about a letter we are drafting,' said Leo. "I'm disappointed that World Rugby hasn't launched an open investigation into Kean and France for nominating him."

"If World Rugby don't commit to governance reforms, our next letter will be to the International Olympic Committee, asking that they consider suspending rugby as an Olympic sport until they are fully compliant with IOC obligations."

"If it takes some short-term pain, i.e. being blocked from the Olympics, then so be it. But hopefully, the sport can be proactive in this before that would happen. We have to push through now and make sure the lessons learned are, most importantly, acted upon."