Coach’s Corner – Katleho Lynch – Defence Reflection


Some reflections from the best in the World

I have had the opportunity to be around some of the best defence coaches in the world over the past 6 months. I am a coach who believes in the kaizon principle. If you want to go far in this game you can never say you know it all. I am a believer in constantly improving to find the best methods and technically making sure that I am sound in my craft. If you want to be better surround yourself with those that are better than you.

Here are some of my reflections from a few coaches regarding defence:

Stuart Lancaster

• Evaluated experience teaches you everything. Reflection turns experience into insight.
• To get to the next level you will have to give up something.
• Great leaders take the blame never the credit.
• To create width on defence you need to have numbers.
• Coach defence from different parts of the field and the roles. Who stays behind when we kick off 9 and 10. What is the role of the forwards in defence? What is the role of the backs? What is the role of the wingers in defence?

Paul Gustard

• When speaking to Paul he mentioned that on defence you have to focus on both tackle technique and system.
• Skill learning- tracking and small to big numbers. Tackle technique and contest work. Which includes individual and group work.
• System- what to do when with the numbers we have.
• Lastly, he focused on other facets to covers. Including the backfield cover, scramble defence, kick Chase and escort, tap penalty defence, the role of 9, goal-line defence and pick and go defence.

Omar Moumeimne

• We defend the ball and the man.
• Defence is about vision and certainty.
• Kicking and defence are related.
• Tackle technique is key but also important to train collisions as well as the CNS system (Central nervous system).
• When the ball is in the air we move! That's our line speed.
• Great coaches have both technical skills and charisma.
• Honour, respect and honesty are the values. Tell the truth and know your purpose!

"I have seen further and higher than others. That's because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

Katleho Lynch
Defence Coach