All School Festival And Sports Tours Effectively CANCELLED !!!!!!!


The President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that they discourage all local travel for South African citizens and gatherings of more than 100 people is banned. All schools are closed from 18 March to only open after the Easter Holidays. These restrictions basically will stop all sports festivals and tours effective immediately. Watch the Presidents speach below.

A lot of rumours and even "fake" letters is in circulation regarding the Goverment's plans to ban al school tours and sports festivals. was just now, 14:55 15/03/2020 in contact with the office of the Western Cape MEC of Education and the following was confirmed.

The Western Cape as well as the rest of South African Departments of Education has issued the following statement (13/03/2020) which is still the official stance.

"International travel - The National Government has not imposed a travel advisory. Therefore, the restriction of travel cannot be enforced at schools. We advise, though, that schools that have planned tours to high risk countries or areas should reconsider this, engage with their SGB and the parents of the touring learners and make a decision based on the risk and the country/area that they are travelling to. In the event that parents, or learners, return from abroad, they should be carefully observed for up to 14 days to see if any symptoms develop. We will inform schools immediately if the advisory changes."

No restrictions regarding local travel (the whole of South Africa) is in place or is planned. However, their will be a Cabinet meeting later this afternoon where the Corona virus and possible restrictions will be discussed. will report if any restrictions was decided on as soon as information is known.