All High School Rugby In Blue Bull Region Cancelled

Photo by Jorina Raath/

Ferdi Niemand, Chairman of the Blue Bulls High Schools Rugby Association has released the following statement cancelling all schoolboy rugby under their jurisdiction rugby for the rest of 2020 effectively including the Virseker competitions.

"After consultation with my Executive, we regretfully need to inform you that all rugby matches, friendlies and/or league matches for 2020 has been cancelled. The implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ‘state of disaster’ declared by the President, as well as the further level-4 extended lockdown, has contributed to a position that we can no longer in the limited time at hand have a productive rugby season.

With the indication that Gr 12 learners will only return to school on 1 June the completion of the academic year will be a priority in all schools and this will place lots of pressure on educators to recover academic time. Holidays (if any) and Saturdays will likely be used by schools.

This was not an easy decision but we as Executive are already putting plans in place to assist our rugby players in their preparation for the 2021 season.

Kind regards,

Ferdi Niemand Chairman "