A Rugby Prayer


A Rugby Prayer

Dear God, I thank you for the opportunity to support my son today.

God make me accept  he will give his very best every second he play

And God if he make a small mistake or one less smaller now and then

Let me be the first one to shout  “next time you will fix It son”

And God let the supporter next to me who shouts some stupid remarks.

God hit him with a bolt of lightning and toast his arse

Just kidding God

Let him see my son’s effort and appreciate him as he is doing his best for the team.

Let us supporters all enjoy rugby for what it is God, just a game, a game our sons loves to play

And after the match God let me tell my son how much I love him

God let me tell him win or lose he is still my son, the perfect gift from You

God may my actions or words never take away his joy to play this game

And most of all God please protect him as he is my pride and joy

God make me understand my live without him will never be the same

And please don’t put me to that  test God for I am sure to fail.

I thank You God


PS You will hear for ref’s I do not pray a word God

So in Your hands we will leave them God,

may your forgiveness of their sins today

not depend on supporter's thoughts I pray.