12 Weeks?

The up to date not identified player of Middelburg HTS who shouldered a referee from behind in a match between Middelburg HTS and Nelspruit was suspended for 24 weeks and after all arguments by all parties reduced to 12 weeks from the date of the incident.

Middelburg HTS must be congratulated that they insisted that this matter must be heard by a disciplinary committee although the period that is stipulated for reporting such incidents has lapsed and the boy technically could not have been disciplined. 

But as much as the public outcry after this incident was uncalled for when it deteriorated to name calling and the "trashing" of this boy this sentence will do nothing to deter the next boy from doing the same. It is like giving your boy pudding after he stole and crashed your car.

We are already experiencing a shortage of referee's because of the verbal assault from spectators and if we can not at least "protect" them on the field why would they even bother. Imagine the outcry if the referee turned around and punched this boy in retaliation. 

Shocking, but I hope this boy will receive the necessary help to cope with this situation and to proceed in becoming a wonderful human being.